My New Cookbook – I Want To Cook That Mediterranean Flavours


Very exciting news!! My cookbook is finally done and ready. If you are looking for a good idea for those foodies in your life, this could be it!


It is just out! Currently it is available in paperback from the publisher and they will be happy to ship one out to you or it will be available shortly on Amazon for kindle.


Since I am shamelessly promoting my book let me also tell you I have another book that was released earlier this year. It also includes some of my recipes that you may find interesting.


It is available through whatever Amazon site you frequent and also through the same publisher 





Thanks for all your support and for coming by the blog to see what is new everyday. I hope you all have a happy holiday season and let’s see what adventures we will go on in 2014…..I am pretty sure mine involve lots of gorgeous Olive oil and yummy food.


Now….go and COOK SOMETHING for the people you LOVE!!!


Love Hilda