Parmesan Olive Oil Popcorn

Ok, this is not really a recipe but, a different way to think about making popcorn. You don’t need to buy microwave popcorn in those awful little pouches for it to be delicious and made in the microwave. First you need to buy some decent popcorn (which is not easy to find in your grocery store, most is tiny and poor quality) then you need some good extra virgin olive oil (not the stuff you buy in the grocery store for $8, bring out your good stuff!) and some Parmesan cheese. You need to grate it fresh but we are talking four ingredients total!! come on try it.

You will need:

  • a cup of best quality popcorn kernels (not always easy t find!)
  • a container to cook the popcorn in the microwave
  • a drizzle of your best quality extra virgin olive oil – I used Planeta which is a nice blend from Sicily.
  •  sea salt
  • freshly grated Parmesano Reggiano

Note: I had to try 3 bags of popcorn before I found this one that was pretty good. Most grocery stores in my area carry this giant bag of popcorn but, it is poor quality with tiny popped corn and lots that remained un-popped. I found this one at Whole Foods.

Step 1: gather all your ingredients. Use a container that has a lid and can be microwaved. Add a single layer of kernels on the bottom of the container. No oil required, you pop it dry!! I put it on high for 3 minutes in my microwave but you will have to try it in yours because they are all different machines. I stand by the machine and listen for the popping noise to slow down and then stop the machine as soon as it does. You can also use the time you typically use on those bags you buy from the store as a guide. Don’t let it go too far or that smell of burnt popcorn will stick around for ages!!

Step 2: drizzle on some buttery good quality extra virgin olive oil over your popcorn just like you would drizzle butter!! Honestly, it tastes great!!

Step 3: sprinkle a generous amount of sea salt over the popcorn and grate some fresh Parmesano Reggiano cheese. Mix it in a big bowl with your hands and lick your fingers after.

 Divine! and much better for you than the stuff in the bag that is most times full of crap and preservatives or colouring.

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