Raspberry Turkey Burgers


I love a good burger of any kind so this time I thought I would make a turkey burger with chilies, onions and raspberries. I added lots of moisture to the turkey as well as flavour by processing everything quite finely and then mixing into the normally bland meat. They were grilled and served on fresh Cobb’s Bakery buns (I like them because they have no preservatives – you should look at a grocery store bun ingredient list!) They turned out moist and delicious. I even got the approval when Big Pete said “Make em again!” which is always a good sign from Mister Picky Pants!


You will need:


  • 1 pound ground turkey meat – mine was a blend of white and dark
  • 1/2 onion – peeled
  • 1 fresh chili – mine is medium heat
  • 3 tbsp fresh cilantro – or a small handful
  • 2 fresh basil leaves – mine were pretty large
  • 6-8 fresh raspberries
  • 1/2 lime juiced
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • salt/pepper



Step 1: in a food processor add onion, chili, cilantro and basil and process until fine. You may have to scrape down the sides a few times. Add the remaining ingredients and process until pureed.


Step 2: add to turkey and mix well with your clean hands. Form into 3-4 patties.



Step 3: grill.






and eat!




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