Fruit and Ricotta Crostini



I love these for a breakfast or lunch. You can use a larger Italian bread sliced for larger pieces or simply as I have with a French baguette. I lightly toast these in a toaster or pan and spread on some creamy ricotta cheese, place a few pieces of soft fruit and drizzle with honey. Simple and delish!


You will need:


  • some slices of bread (French baguette or Italian bread or any rustic country type bread)
  • some soft fruit like pears, strawberries, raspberries or figs etc…
  • ricotta cheese
  • honey
  • optional: add some nuts like walnuts or pecans


Step 1: slice some bread and toast it lightly


Step 2: slice some fruit like pears, strawberries or figs



Assemble: bread, cheese, fruit. honey, nuts… a big mug of hot tea and EAT!





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