Lepp Farm Market- My Favorite Market!

Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognise as food.”  
~Michael Pollan

I live in the Fraser Valley which is located an hour and a half east of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. We are so lucky to have an incredible abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables and some truly wonderful stores that provide the best quality products. Lepp Farm Market is my favourite local market!

Doesn’t this just say it all!

I love it for so many reasons! They have the finest, freshest meat counter with an extraordinary selection of in house made sausages, sliced deli meats, bacon and  more.  They farm their own chickens, pigs and hand select cattle that is specifically raised for Lepp Farm.  They provide a really good array of local produce from their own fields as well as other Fraser Valley growers. As the Spring and Summer approaches you can find the store literally busting out to the front where the produce overflows to greet you in all it’s happy colours!

I find it to be a wonderful source for unique and hard to find speciality items. They highlight and promote the many highest quality artisanal products that are produced in British Columbia and if you ask them to carry something special they are always happy to oblige your requests. The Lepp Family is deeply entrenched in the community and often have festivals and various weekend events. They are quick to share their bounty with free giveaways and  are always contributors of local charities and causes.
I come here for unique oils, vinegars local cheeses, freshly baked breads and baked goods.
It is a beautiful store that changes with the seasons and always creates a fascinating environment to shop in.
 I just love the feeling when I walk through the door. 
They have a kitchen counter that not only provides light lunches, it is the stage for evening cooking classes. I have thoroughly enjoyed their lively, entertaining and intimate classes with  stars like Anthony Sedlak , Vikram Vij,  Bob Blumer as well as local Masters of the kitchen.
The nicest part of your shopping experience at Lepp Farm market is that every single person you encounter is polite and genuinely happy to help you. You will be amazed and delighted by the knowledge of every person behind their extensive butcher shop. Paul  or Ian will gladly help you with any special cut you are looking for, order you something they don’t always carry and I have even seen them writing out  a recipe to help someone prepare a meal!
 Every single person from the person in produce, to the cashiers to Charlotte and Rob Lepp always try to make your experience a good one. I have honestly, never EVER had bad service or an unkind word spoken to me ever! 
It is always my pleasure to shop at Lepp Farm market and I am proud and lucky they are part of my local community. If  you are in the Abbotsford area you simply must stop by the Lepp Farm Market.
“Don’t you just want to shop here?!”
There are wonderful markets  and caring growers in your area. Go find them. Even the smallest communities have farmer’s markets and unique shops. Many people are working hard to provide good, clean food  for our families and all we have to do is say yes with our shopping dollars. 

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